The Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens

September 16, 2014

Denver Botanic Gardens
10007 York Street
Denver, CO 80207
720-865-3500, press 0
email: see contact us on website

Hours: 9am-8pm

Fees: Members/Free, Adults/$15, Students and Seniors/$12, Kids (3-15)/$9, Kids under 3/Free

The Chihuly Exhibit has been at Denver Botanic Gardens’ York Street location since June 14th and remains in the heart of Denver until November 30, 2014.

I attended the exhibit opening night for garden members in the rain a few months ago and then again last night with a few of my girlfriends. I thought it would be interesting to see the glass in all different light…overcast, sunset, and night.

Being a member, the exhibit is free until October 3rd when Chihuly Nights begins. At such time, there is a $10 admission fee for members and $15 for non-members as the gardens are not usually open at night in the winter-time, though it appears members are afforded two complimentary tickets, so reserve them now!

Chihuly is from Washington, studied interior design and continued his education in glass in the late 1960s. In 1971, he co-founded the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State and is credited in revolutionizing the glass blowing industry. His pieces can be found all over the world. For as famous as he is, I thought maybe there would be more information on each piece of art. Perhaps it is just the statistician in me that made me wonder how much glass he used for each piece, how long it took to make each one, how much each one weighed, and his inspirations for each creation.

I didn’t find much of that information online (a little on inspiration) or at the Botanic Gardens, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the art work. Some of the pieces looked like snakes, others birds, feathers, icicles, fire, spouts of water and rocks, just to name a few. The pieces dotting the landscape of the gardens added to the majesty. I particularly liked the boat of balls. The colorful reflection in the tranquil pond equals “Serenity Now”.

We wandered along the sidewalks, trails, and the wending river rock path twice through the variety of gardens to not only get different view of the glass, but to also enjoy the waterfalls, ponds, flowers, cacti and fragrances. Along with the Chihuly Exhibition, the Denver Botanic Gardens offers a variety of programs and events from summer concerts, classes and plant and bulb sales. It’s important to check its website for special events and closures.

The York Street location is a gem. I have yet to visit the Chatfield location or Mt. Goliath but will have to soon! ETB

For notecards, key chains, and photos on canvas, visit or
Sunflowers website

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