36th Annual Park Hill Home Tour

September 28, 2014

website: http://greaterparkhill.org/
Ticket Price: $15/adults in advance, $20/adult on the day, lower pricing for seniors and children

Well, you will have to wait a year, but going on the annual Park Hill Home Tour is worth $20! The event is held annually and is the biggest fundraiser for the Park Hill Community. I volunteered to work the event for three hours (2-5). As such, I earned a free ticket and three hours to use it (11-2).

I started out 2334 Grape Street. From the sketch of the home, I wasn’t sure I’d like it as the low point of the roof is in the center of the house. But in the end, I think it was my favorite. It was simple, sleek, modern, and zen all at the same time. I’m not exactly sure how all those adjectives can be used in the same sentence, but they can. Personally, if it were my home, I wouldn’t need a meditation room or sauna, but I had to admire the thought and planning that went into the home. It was obvious that the owners knew exactly what they wanted from the placement of the windows to the rain chains to the finish out, and I had to appreciate their thoughtfulness.

photo 3 (22)

From 2334 Grape, I crossed the street to visit 2351 which is a very modern home. The white kitchen cabinets with the stainless steel appliance were quite nice, but the coolest part of the house was the staircase. The maple steps are suspended by thin steel cables which creates a very airy appearance. The stairs looked like they were floating!

photo 2 (26)

I continued south down Grape to 2050. This home was built in the late 1800’s so that alone earns some kudos. While I could mention indoor features, these have been written up on all the houses in several papers like this one http://www.parkhillhometour.org/home-tour/, so I’m focusing on a few things I like from each house. I think it is cool to have a carriage house, but would I loved the most about this house was the yard. The double lot included a large grassy area, a garden, a small little bridge, a large chess board with pieces and a large Scrabble Board! Who knew you could play Scrabble outside on the ground with letters so big grandma can see them!!

photo 1 (24)

By now, it was lunch time, so meandered over to Forest and Montview to check out the street fair which included two long blocks of vendors, a block of food tents, a block of old cars, and a band. The grassy median included tables and seating and there was even an alcohol tent requesting a suggested donation. I grabbed half a gyro from Nicky’s Quickies and enjoyed the sunny day before I strolled by the furniture, jewelry, clothes, and other vendors.

1932 Hudson Street was pretty close to the street fair, so I stopped at that home next. These owners did some significant renovations on this 1925 home. Before pictures were hung near the doorways of many rooms, just the paint, furniture, and window dressings made a big difference in most rooms. But they added on to the back of the home enlarging the upstairs master bedroom which added a gas fireplace and lovely patio. This expansion also changed a tiny kitchen into a large one. The old one almost looks like a hallway as it functions like a bar area.

photo 3 (20)

When I began the tour, I wasn’t certain if I would be able to make enough time for the Monaco house given I was walking and it was a bit out of the way relative to the rest of the houses on the tour. Had I chosen to drive or ride my bike, I certainly would not have faced an issue, and I fortunately did not run into a time issue walking either. What a nice way to get in some exercise and enjoy this beautiful fall day!

2315 Monaco Parkway was interesting. It was a more traditional home like the last two. The kitchen and the powder bath off the kitchen appeared recently updated and were very nice. I liked the paint colors as well and found the wide band of paint by the molding worked well. The tile window sills were cool and the rooftop patio was fantastic. Some of the other bathrooms still had the old time which I loved though they could have used new sinks! The home owner is an avid gardener, and I loved how the vegetables were intermingled with the flower garden so that the vegetables were almost camouflaged.

photo 2 (24)

The final stop was Smiley Campus which opened in 1928. Now it is the new home for McAuliffe International School and Venture Prep. It was just on my way home, which was perfect as I took a quick break before I returned to 2334 Grape St. to sell tickets for the afternoon.

photo 1 (22)

I really enjoyed the tour and street fair. Next year I’m torn. I’m not sure if I will volunteer and do the tour, or get a booth and sell my cards, key chains, and photos as I have a good walk up business at fairs. Regardless, if the weather is good, and it was perfect until 4:45, the Park Hill Home Tour is a nice event for a fall day, especially when the Broncos aren’t playing. The only thing that could have made it better is if photos were allowed indoors. ETB

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