Visit the Clyfford Still Museum

October 31, 2014

Clifford Still Museum
1250 Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80204

Fees: Adult-$10, Membership-$45; See website for details on groups, seniors, and children
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday/Sunday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am-8pm

The Clyfford Still Museum offered a free day on Halloween. Knowing nothing about Clyfford Still, I took advantage of it. I am still stumped as to why there is an entire museum dedicated to Clyfford Stills in Denver. I know upon his death, his will stipulated that his work go to an American city that was willing to dedicate a permanent museum to his creations, but I wonder how his wife picked Denver given he spent most of his life on both coasts. The short stint he spent in Colorado was for teaching, and he did not paint during that summer in the state. I suppose I should just consider Denverites lucky.

Clyfford Still was one of the first artists to develop abstract expressionism, a new approach to painting that began shortly after World War II. I was expecting to see lots of modern art on canvas; however, his work ranges depending on the period of his life. I’m generally not the biggest fan of “modern art”, as I don’t see how one line or splatter paint can be so coveted when it seems like a three year old could do it!

Having said that, I’m not knocking Clyfford Still’s work. In fact, I was quite impressed. I loved moving from room to room in the stark museum to see how his work changed over time. In addition, his talent was recognizable given the variety of techniques and medium in which he practiced. The museum exhibited watercolors, oils, carvings, etchings, charcoal and more. He painted landscapes, self portraits, and abstracts.

Much of his work at the museum has never been seen as he kept it rolled up in his studio. While most of his work has been in very good condition, the museum has restored some of his work and offers a rotating exhibit to display his all his pieces. I enjoyed the museum and made it through the space in an hour or so, probably a little faster than most. ETB

Side Note: Photography is allowed without a flash and available for personal use, but not commercially. Given I don’t write my blog for money, I understand it is OK to post a few photos to encourage my readers to visit the museum.

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Lighthouse website

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