Hike to Silver Dollar Lake

March 21, 2015

Silver Dollar Lake
Location: Approximately 10 miles South of Georgetown on Guanella Pass Road
Round-trip: 3.2 miles
Elevation: 10,512-12,145
Fees: None

Well, I’m 0-2 in trying to reach alpine lakes in the winter time, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me when I have to turn around and not make my final destination in the snow.

We drove to Georgetown and up Guanella Pass road to the parking lot for Silver Dollar Lakes Trailhead. We were fortunate to snag the last parking spot at 10:30am.

We started out on the snow packed trail that we followed through the green forest. We gradually climbed the path until we reached a fork. We guess left and few steps later we found a trail sign poking through the heavy base of snow. It pointed to the left so we continued through a few trees to an open area with three paths leading to the right. Should we take the lower, middle, or upper path?

We started climbing steeply and upon looking down, we thought maybe the middle path was the best to take. We found ourselves sliding quite a bit so we turned back to the high path again. We followed it to a rock outcropping where the snow had melted. After enjoying the view of Naylor Lake we scanned the area for the best path to take.

We could only find one path where a snowshoer had broken trail. We followed it for a while until we began post-holing. We knew it would only be worse in the afternoon sun upon our return, so we backtracked to the rock outcropping for lunch.

After brief stop, we followed the trail to the fork where we decided to go right this time since there were several tracks. We figured we may as well explore since we didn’t make it to the lake and had some extra time. It didn’t take long before we were post-holing above our knees, so we finally accepted defeat and returned to the car.

The good news is we were outside on a crystal clear sixty degree day enjoying the beauty of the mountains. It was a fantastic day with Dan and Bryan. ETB

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