Cycle to Golden

March 28, 2015

Ride to Golden
Length: Approximately 30 miles

What a great spring day in Denver. Being a non-skier, I’ve been enjoying this unseasonably warm weather, though I suppose there are others who wish it would snow. We took advantage of this 70 degree March day to bike ride to Golden.

I’ve only completed this ride once along the road from REI. This time we met across from Linger as one of our friends lived nearby. Once we all congregated, Brian and Erin on their tandem led the way. They cycle frequently, so they know several trails.

This time we took the Clear Creek Trail to Golden as opposed to the 26th and 32nd. Due to some damage to the trail, we took Tennyson north to the trail in order to skip the problematic area. Little did we know a Cesar Chavez parade would be going down Tennyson when we started our ride!


Once on the trail, we followed the creek while stopping occasionally to fix Moria’s bike. I think she is all set for next time. We crossed a few bridges, rode through several hatches, climbed a few hills and skipped a few others when we jumped off the trail and took 32nd into town. Originally, we planned to tour the Coors Brewery, but most of us were hungry so we stopped at Bob’s Atomic Burger. In order to deliver our orders, they call out names they gave us like Yogi Bear and Farrah Fawcett. We got the last table on the patio outside and savored some tasty burgers and sweet potato fries.

Mario met us at the burger joint to pick up Moria and Michelle. The rest of us decided to skip the Coors Brewery Tour. Everyone had done it except for me. I didn’t realize there would be a 20 minute line or so just to be shuttled to the brewery, so I’ll plan another ride out to Golden some other time.

After lunch, we followed the roads home. This way is almost all downhill, and we easily reached speeds of 35 mph. Brian, Erin, and Harlow stopped at Hogshead Brewery on our way back into town. I carried on for the next two miles back to the car so I could make it to my niece’s soccer game.

The round-trip on the road from REI is about 30 miles. We added about four extra by traveling north to the trail. It doesn’t feel like a hard ride as the uphill is mostly gradual and stopping for lunch breaks up the length of time on the bike. What a great day to be outside with great company. ETB

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