Herman Gulch in the Summer

August 22, 2015

Herman Lake
0.1 mile north of exit #218 from I-70
Elevation: 10,332-11,987
Roundtrip: 6.5 miles
Fees: None

I finally made it to Herman Lake. This is a hike I have wanted to complete since I moved to Colorado four years ago. I finally tried getting to the lake this past winter and didn’t make it. I decided to try it in the summer with Heather, Jaz, and David.

This time we made it. We made the left turn soon after the trailhead and climbed up through and aspen grove and beneath the conifers until we reached an open area blanketed in wild flowers. Again, we entered the forest and soon popped out above the treeline.

We gained around 1,600 feet over 3.25 miles to lake situated beneath the peaks around 12,000 feet. We enjoyed lunch at the lake beneath finicky skies…sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and cool. Little did we know that when we returned to Denver, we’d be entering a down pour! We felt fortunate for the lovely morning in the mountains. ETB

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