Windy Saddle Park

December 19, 2017

Trail(s): Lookout Mountain Trail, Buffalo Bill Trail, Chimney Gulch Trail
Location: Windy Saddle Park
Fees: Free
Distance: 4.5 miles

It has been a while since I have explored one of the local, nearby parks.  With dog sitting duties, I decided to take Roo to Windy Saddle Park.  She runs trails with her owner who is training for a marathon, so I suspect she was sorely disappointed to half to walk.  None the less, at least she got to get outside and sniff out small mammals that fortunately stayed hidden in the brisk morning weather.

We began our hike on Lookout Mountain Trail which is located across the street from the main entrance of Windy Saddle Park on Colorow Road.  Windy Saddle Park is part of the Jeffco Open Space which manages a variety of parks surrounding Denver.

We strolled along a rocky path which undulated through a coniferous forest.  At the first trail junction, I took a right to climb up the Buffalo Bill Trail toward the Buffalo Bill Museum and grave.  I didn’t visit these tourist destinations that I doubt were dog friendly, but instead returned to the trail intersection where I went the other way and descended further down Lookout Mountain Trail.

The trail offered a nice view of the snow capped mountains to the west before it ended at a parking lot on the Peak-to-Peak Scenic Byway.  Upon crossing the street, I connected with Chimney Gulch Trail and continued descending toward the valley.  I was under a time constraint and worried that walking back up the trail would take me longer, so I didn’t make it to the end of the 1.4 trail, but hiked about half of it.

The view from the trail was of the City of Golden which wasn’t very exciting to me anyway, so I didn’t feel like I was missing much, especially given the dormant plant life during the winter.  It was a nice hike and good exercise, and of course always great to enjoy nature.  ETB


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