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Hooked on Haunted Houses

October 15, 2014

The 13th Door
Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch

3184 South Parker Road
Aurora, Colorado 80014

HOURS: Sun-Thurs 7pm-10pm, Fri/Sat 7pm-12am

FEES: $25, VIP (skip the lines) $35

With a nondescript exterior and shopping center location in Aurora, my first impression of The 13th Door and Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch haunted houses was will this experience be worth the $25 price of admission. Let me just coin the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

photo 1 (37)

I can’t even remember the last time I visited a haunted house, but I didn’t find the lines, price, or the fear factor to be worth it in the past. This experience, with Erin and Moria, was quite the opposite.

We purchased our tickets online which automatically upgraded us to VIP “skip the lines” priority. For a Wednesday night, this didn’t make much of a difference, though we did get to cut in front of a few people.

photo 2 (38)

We chose to go through The 13th Door first. The legend of The 13th Door stems from a riff between a wealthy Denver millionaire, John Barrington and his nephew Andrew. John Barrington was holding his annual Hallows Eve party in his hotel’s penthouse suite when his nephew pleaded for his help. Andrew had run up large gambling debts with unsavory individuals. When Andrew’s uncle refused him, he went into a fury, blocked all exits to the hotel, and set it on fire. Only one person survived to tell the story, the one who found the unlocked 13th door.

We slowly crept through the dark hallways, pushed back black drapes and cautiously entered into each room. As expected, actors jumped out at us from multiple corners and sometimes followed us down the hallways which was very creepy and sped up our very slow pace as we huddled together at every turn. Luckily, they have a rule not to touch the guests. And of course, we knew they would leap out at us, so I don’t know why we felt so scared. With strobe lights, fog, and pitch black hallways, it was very hard to see during our fifteen minutes in the dark. When we did stop and look around the rooms, I have to give props to the detail of the decor. It was well done! By the time we finished, our adrenaline was pumping and we’d broken into a sweat. Our alternating screams and giggles, I’m certain could be heard from a distance.

After The 13th Door, we were greeted by a bloodied face host at the entrance of The Curse of the Slaughterhouse Gulch who had nothing to say, but still creeped us out. So much so that Erin bowed out. This haunted house was like a theme house of scary movies…Scream, Halloween, Friday the 13th (just to name a few). Moria and I walked through or should I say jumped, skipped and ran through with locked elbows. It was scary! There was one room where neither one of us wanted to walk through the hanging corpses so naturally we looked for a nearby exit, and the actor grunted “wrong way” as he followed us through the manikins…YIKES! And we were chased to a speedy exit. The folks that worked at the haunted houses did a great job. We had a ball and the experience was well worth our money. We were laughing all the way home.

Two more weeks until Halloween…try one out for yourselves! ETB

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