Crown Hill Park…A Hidden Gem

December 1, 2016

What a great way to start December. I wanted to find a short hike near Denver that still felt like I was in the wilderness. Believe it or not, Crown Hill Park, located on the busy street Kipling a few miles south of I-70 offered just that! A variety of paths criss-crossed and looped through high prairie grass.

There was an option for paved or dirt paths. Walking the dirt paths feels far less commercialized than the paved, so I was very happy to have this choice. In addition, with all of the interconnected trails, it was easy to pick a variety of hiking distances. The outer loop around the park is 2.5 miles and the inner loop around the lake is 1.2 miles. Ellie and I weaved in and out to different parts of each loop, trying our best to stick with dirt paths.

The northwest corner of the park is home to a wildlife sanctuary. Ellie and I couldn’t enter this area since dogs weren’t allowed, but we could stand on the view platform and look at the geese. There were several ducks and loons on the lake as well. While the temperature was hardly above 40 degrees, several people were out enjoying the sunny skies. It really was a nice day and a relaxing way to get a 3.2 mile walk. ETB

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